iCustodian® iC9800MDVR Hybrid GPS 4G WIFI TAXI CCTV DVR

Model: iCustodian® iC9800MDVR
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Description iCustodian® iC9800MDVR Hybrid GPS 4G WIFI TAXI CCTV DVR

iCustodian® iC9800MDVR Hybrid 1080P Mobile Digital Video Recorder with Wi-Fi, 4G & GPS function 4 channel mobile car DVR with password protection, 2.5" SATA Hard Drive Housing key lock protection and Video Encryption + Cable.


iCustodian® is proud to offer you one of the most advanced intelligent Hybrid Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR) in the world, he iCustodian® iC9800MDVR8, a hybrid MDVR with embedded inbuilt GPS, 4G and Wi-Fi modules. With ability to use normal Analog TVL CCTV cameras and Digital AHD CCTV cameras for high definition recording of up to 1080P and 5 megapixel pictures. With amazing 64BIT video encryption, this unit is designed to use H.264 Dual Encryption technology. This is the recommended encryption level by the UK councils. Easy to install. We will send you a detailed picture instruction on how to install the unit on request.


GPS is an amazing feature for Mobile DVRS. With GPS, when video is recording, the unit also records GPS coordinates as the car moves with map and detailed information like speed, how the driver brakes and more. With this, when playing back your recorded videos, you can see GPS location of your Vehicles on map which comes with the playback app we provide with this unit. Track your vehicle movement with precise vehicle location, speed, Time, Longitude and Latitude information and map location. Some UK local councils require Taxi's to have units with GPS.

See video below.

This model has built in 4G, GPS and Wi-Fi modules which allows for wireless remote control real-time video/audio online viewing and monitoring via computer and mobile phones. You can connect the device to our server via Mobile SIM card 4G or by Wi-Fi. Information like date, time and even GPS coordinates can be stamped on the videos.


The GPS function is another lovely feature that this unit has to offer. The GPS is a tracking function of the MDVR. GPS data is saved on the server so you can search the complete information of your vehicle  movements for periods of up to 36 months (3 Years). View GSP information of the MDVR from any mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world. You can see information like driving route, exact location and speed of the vehicle on the software's map and you can set a geo fence to alert you once a vehicle is outside a set location. All this can be seen on your Vehicle Management Client Software which can be installed on your Computer and mobile phone. The Computer and mobile software's will be provided.

Records H.264 Dual Encryption technology unlike other units in the market that use only H.264. With this technology, you can only play the recorded files with our special Video player. This is the recommended encryption level and requirement for insurance and by most United Kingdom councils so UK Taxi and Cab Drivers, London Mini Cab owners, get one fast for your vehicles.


Built for all types of vehicles like cars, buses, taxis, trains, boats and basically any vehicle that moves

Easy to install with ready cables. Get it now with free two months free hosting. We will host your Central Monitoring system service on our Server free for two months and you have the option of hosting the service with us. We only provide client software's for this MDVR along with mobile phone apps for Android and iPhone. You can use our service from anywhere around the world. Our Servers are very reliable and are based in the United Kingdom. Please contact us for details.


We will provide:

  • Client Vehicle Management Software.
  • Mobile Phone Software (Android and iPhone)
  • User manual for DVR.
  • Installation instructions


The system can record videos in CIF, HD1 and D1 video formats. Drivers' driving information, recording and wireless data are saved to your Hard Drive or SD Memory Card which are used as the storage media on the DVR.


Easy to install. We will send you a detailed picture instruction on how to install the unit. Super wide power supply that supports power of DC 6~36v so will work fine with car battery and home power supply with adapter. This unit also comes standard with RJ45 internet port which you can connect to broadband internet or 3G/4G Wi-Fi modems if you intend to use the unit in a location with wired internet. This unit also comes with Wireless internet (Wi-Fi)


APPLICATIONS:  Who can use this MDVR System?

Suitable for Cars, Buses, Lorries, Vans, Trucks, Long Vehicles, train and basically any kind of vehicle including mobile homes. Can also be used at Homes and Offices. Also ideal for Farms, Barns and basically anywhere. Connect it to a 12V battery and it is ready to go. Easy to install with ready cables and free 5 Meter cable for every CCTV camera bought from us. 



3G/4G transmission function (WCDMA/EVDO)

Built- in GPS module

High-speed processor

Embedded Linux platform

H.264 Video Compression/Decompression  

Four channel video & alarm input

Sensors can be set up for

CIF, HD1 and D1 video formats

Motion detection & alarm;

Sensor detection & alarm; Can be set up for brake, over speed, door, draw back etc.

Panic button set & alarm.

Dual anti-vibration



Dual Video Encryption

Two way communication function(Talk to the driver from control centre)

HDD, SD card as storage device

CE, FCC, RoHS and SGS Certifications



4 Channel Mobile DVR with HDD, SD, WAN 3G/4G and GPS function .

1) 4 channel video and audio recording.

2) All cameras are powered by the DVR: stable +12V DC power supply.

3) High resolution recording, up to mega-pixel for 4 channel (1280x1024).

4) D1 resolution on all 4 channel (PAL: 704x576 / NTSC: 720x480).      

5) Advanced H.264 High Profile technology for video compression

6) Data Storage: MAX support 2TB SATA HDD and 64GB SD Card. USB external storage device is available

7) Built-in 3G/4G & GPS module

8) Built-in WAN Port, WAN is available; Support external WIFI

9) Motion detection / timer switch / sensor & alarm recording

10) Dual anti-vibration function.

11) Built in G-Sensor

12) Compact size, much easier for installation.

13) Power: DC+8V—+36V; the best voltage is around +12V-+24V.

14) Language: English / Traditional Chinese.

15) Certification: CE FCC RoHS

Remote Online Viewing on Mobile Phone, PC and tablet explained.

Live remote viewing of your video and GPS involves live streaming of your video and GPS files via the internet. This can be achieved either by 4G data streaming or by Wi-Fi. You will require an active server for video streaming to work. In simple terms, your DVR will need to connect to a server and this happens via the internet. Next your mobile phone need to connect to the same server to retrieve this information that your DVR is sending to the server and this also happens via the internet. This is a simple explanation of how remote viewing works.

You can host a server on your own PC but this requires some technical settings and you have to make sure your server is always active because once the server is down or stops working, it interrupts your video streaming and you cannot access your video or GPS remotely.

View live video and Audio streaming of CCTV videos from any location around the world via PC, Laptop, tablet PC and mobile phones. View live GPS location of your Vehicles on PC, Laptop, Tablet PC and mobile Phones. Track your vehicle movement with precise vehicle location, speed, Time, Longitude and Latitude information and map location for up to 36 months. Our Central Management system can have unlimited of vehicles and our customers client software can have any number of vehicles included in one account for easy monitoring and management. Our Central Management system will give you online access to administrator control panel. With this, you can will have the privilege to manage who can view and manage your systems and what users can have access to. Grant and deny access to the system to your employees. You can retrieve and playback recorded files (Videos and GPS) from the Mobile Digital Video Recorder's hard drive via our Central Monitoring System.


At iCustodian®, we are professional and we will make sure that your system is always online and managed. We use a static IP address for seamless data and video flow. We manage and maintain our Server and Client software making sure your files are always backed up in case of a loose of data on your own system. We will provide you with technical advice and we can remotely check your client software if you are finding it difficult to use. We do not store your data including video and audio. You have 100% charge of your client software and your data. Our Central Management system software can have unlimited of vehicles and our customers' client software can have any number of vehicles included in one account for easy monitoring and management. Our Central Management system will give you online access to administrator control panel. With this, you can will have the privilege to manage who can view and manage your systems and which users can have access to what. Grant and deny access to the system to your employees. You can retrieve and playback recorded files (Videos and GPS) from the Mobile Digital Video Recorder's hard drive via our Central monitoring system.

There are many advantages of hosting the server with us, like:

  • No hassle with setting up a server
  • Free Two months hosting when you buy to try out our server. Only £6 a month (£72 annually) there after.
  • You get a static IP address for smoother connection
  • Server will be online 24 hours a day so you are always connected
  • We maintain the server so always reliable
  • We backup our server so in the event of server failure, we can get it back up very fast
  • Customer service to help you with trouble shooting if you encounter any problem  



We all know that Digital Video Recorders can capture criminals in the act and also deters would be criminals from committing crimes but in situations when a criminal decides to steal the DVR or even worse, the car, 3G/4G & Wi-Fi Mobile Digital Video Recorder's will be a much greater deterrent because the unit not only stores videos on the DVR hard drive but the user can also store videos on your remote computer with their client software's and the videos can be retrieved even if the car is stolen.  


Need Cameras for Vehicles and other accessories? Please check out CCTV site for cameras, screen  and cables. Cables are also included so all you have to do is to fit it or contact us for picture instructions on how to connect the DVR. Please contact us if you want the unit installed and we will direct you to a reliable installer. It is a very simple process to install. BIY plug and play. No hard wiring involved.

What you get in the Box:

  • iC9800MDVR Digital Video Recorder with GPS, 4G and WiFi function
  • X 2 BNC to 4 PIN adapter Video Cables
  • X1 BNC to 4 PIN Video Out Cable
  • GPS, 4G and WiFi Antennas
  • AV input Cables
  • AV output cables
  • Remote Control
  • Keys
  • AC 240V to DC 12V Regulated Power plug adapter & X1 Car Cigarette Power Plug cables
  • Online download link for User manual, Installation instructions, Software's



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