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Description iCustodian® iC5300MDVR GPS HYBRID HD 1080P MOBILE TAXI CCTV DVR UPTO 2TB

iCustodian® iC5300MDVR GPS Hybrid 1080P Mobile Digital Video Recorder Mini smart DVR. 4 channel DVR For Homes, Office and Vehicles with password protection, Dual storage with up 2TB SD Card and USB Stick storage capability, SD Card housing key lock protection and Video Encryption.
The iCustodian® iC5300MDVR GPS: Your Premier Solution for Advanced Security and Surveillance.

Experience unparalleled security and surveillance flexibility with the iCustodian® iC5300MDVR GPS, a cutting-edge Mini Smart DVR designed for vehicles, homes, and offices. Offering password protection, this 4-channel DVR supports dual storage options with capacities of up to 2TB for both SD Card and USB Stick. Enhanced with SD Card housing key lock protection and video encryption, your data remains secure and private. This unit is accepted by all UK Councils. 

This DVR is very small in size and is ideal for use in any type of vehicle including Taxi's, private cars, Lorries, Trucks, Trams, Metro, Ambulance, Boats, Trains and more. Also ideal for use at Home, Office, Shops, Farms, Warehouses, industries and more.


GPS is an amazing feature for the iCustodian® iC5300MDVR. With GPS, when video is recording, the unit also records GPS coordinates as the car moves with map and detailed information like speed, how the driver brakes and more. With this, when playing back your recorded videos, you can see GPS location of your Vehicles on map which comes with the playback app we provide with this unit. Track your vehicle movement with precise vehicle location, speed, Time, Longitude and Latitude information and map location. Some UK local councils require Taxi's to have units with GPS.

See video below.

Produced with top quality components and able to withstand rough and rugged terrines. This Hybrid HD mobile digital video recorder has the ability to use both normal TVL Analog and AHD Digital CCTV cameras (Up to 1080P). USB slot can be used for storage and can also be used to connect a mouse, for upgrading the unit and for backing up your DATA. This unit is simply fantastic. We provide you with all cables and installation instructions with every unit purchased.

Records H.264 & H.265 Dual Encryption technology unlike other units in the market that use only H.264. With this technology, you can only play the recorded files with our special Video player. This is the recommended encryption level and requirement for insurance and by most United Kingdom councils so UK Taxi and Cab Drivers, London Mini Cab owners, get one fast for your vehicles.


Built for all types of vehicles like cars, buses, taxis, trains, boats and basically any vehicle that moves


Extensive Storage Options: Dual storage allows for up to 2TB on both SD cards and USB sticks, secured with SD card housing key lock protection and advanced video encryption to safeguard your data.


High-Quality Video Formats: Supports multiple recording formats, including CIF, HD1, and D1 across all 4 channels, ensuring crystal clear image quality. This unit will work with HD CCTV Cameras including the normal TVL camera and AHD CCTV camera up to 1080P high resolution


Advanced GPS Features:

Comprehensive Tracking and Monitoring: Integrated GPS system records precise vehicle location, speed, and route details. Ideal for fleet management, the GPS data is invaluable for detailed oversight and is compliant with local regulations requiring GPS systems in commercial transportation.


Ease of Installation and Use:

Plug-and-Play Installation: Comes with ready cables and a new improved Graphic User Interface (GUI) making setup straightforward. Detailed pictorial instructions are provided upon purchase to ensure easy installation.

Flexible Connectivity: Connect up to 4 CCTV cameras and an alarm system, enhancing your security setup. The unit supports a wide power supply range from DC 8~36V, compatible with vehicle batteries and standard power supplies.


Durability and Reliability:

Rugged Design: Engineered to withstand rough conditions, perfect for use in any vehicle type, as well as outdoor settings such as farms and warehouses. The durable aluminium alloy structure features shock absorbers for added stability.

Innovative Video Encryption: Utilizes 64BIT H.264 & H265 dual encryption technology, ensuring that recordings can only be accessed through our proprietary video player.


APPLICATIONS:  Who can use this MDVR System?  

Suitable for all vehicle types including Cars, Buses, Lorries, Vans, Trucks, Long Vehicles, train and basically any kind of vehicle including mobile homes. Can also be used at Homes and Offices. Also ideal for Farms, Barns, outdoors and basically anywhere. Connect it to a 12V battery and it is ready to go. Easy to install with ready cables. We provide free 5 Meter cable for every CCTV camera bought from us. 

Specifications Highlight:

GPS module and built-in G-Sensor for comprehensive monitoring.

High-speed processor and embedded Linux platform.

Supports real-time surveillance, PTZ remote control, and motion detection.

Multiple sensor configurations for enhanced security measures.

Dual anti-vibration function and up to 1TB SD Card support.

Key Features:

Advanced GPS Functionality:

Record precise GPS coordinates during video capture.

Visualize vehicle movement on a map during playback.

Comply with local regulations (e.g., UK taxi requirements).

Comply with UK Local regulations (UK Government Taxi & Commercial Vehicles requirements by UK Local councils).

Dual Storage Options:

SD Card Slot: Up to 2TB SD Card Store for extensive footage directly on the SD Card.

USB Stick Compatibility: Expand storage capacity up to 2TB.

Versatile Applications:

Vehicle Use:

Ideal for taxis, private cars, lorries, trucks, trams, ambulances, boats, and trains.

Indoor/Outdoor Use: Perfect for homes, offices, shops, farms, and warehouses.

Easy Installation:

Comes with ready-to-use cables.

Enhanced Graphic User Interface (GUI) for intuitive operation.

We also provide User Manuals and step by step installation instructions with pictures 

Robust Connectivity:

Connect up to 4 CCTV cameras and an alarm system.

Wide Power Supply Range:

Operates on DC 8~36V, compatible with car batteries and home power supplies.

High-Quality Construction:

Built to withstand rugged environments.

Compatible with both TVL analog and AHD digital CCTV cameras (up to 1080P).

Secure Video Encryption:

Utilizes 64-bit H.264 & H.265 Dual Encryption technology.

Exclusive Video Player provided for playback.

Package Contents:

iCustodian® iC5300MDVR GPS Unit

GPS Antenna

Remote Control, Keys

2 x RCA to 4 PIN adapter video cables

User Manual and Installation Instructions

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Elevate your security setup with the iCustodian® iC5300MDVR GPS – not just a DVR, but a comprehensive security solution ensuring peace of mind in any setting. Secure your unit today and experience cutting-edge surveillance technology tailored to your needs!

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