iCustodian® iC-MIC1 High Sensitivity CCTV Mic + Cables

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iCustodian® iC-MIC1 High Sensitivit...

iCustodian® iC-MIC1 High Sensitivity CCTV Mic for CCTV Audio Surveillance.

With free 5 Meter Audio Cable+ 5 Meter Power Cable + 2 way Power Splitter cable.


iCustodian® iC-MIC1 microphone is a high sensitive audio recording device specifically built for CCTV security systems and alarm systems. Mini size for discrete usage. This Mics can be connected to your CCTV Digital Video Recorders for sound and voice recording. Working space as far as 80 square meters. 

Ideal for all vehicles, including cars, Lorries, buses, trucks, and also great for home and office use. Can also be used in banks, super stores, Conference rooms, military bases with wireless emitter, and also can be used at freeway toll gates.

The products are high sensitivity, low noise and good fidelity with low power consumption. It is very easy to install  and small in size.



*Acoustic noise ,Hi-Fi

*DSP built-in noise reduction circuit

*Dynamic closed-circuit noise

*AGC circuit built-in gain

*Tone processing circuit

*No noise




Model:                         iCustodian® iC-MIC1

Usage Distance:         5-40 Square Meters

Output Level:              0-6V

Output Impedance:     600ohms

Work Current:             12mA

Work Voltage:             DC9-12V

Frequency Range:      100-5500Hz

Frequency Response: 2.5db

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