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The iCustodian® iC-CAM4V-AHD 960P STARLIGHT Mini CCTV Camera is our latest CCTV camera with the all new Starlight technology. Great for both Day and Night video capture. This camera one of our best Cameras built with the super stable AHD Starlight module for even more stable and super HD  sharper video recording. The Starlight module is our latest improvement in our CCTV cameras.


What Are Starlight Cameras

Starlight cameras can be seen as the latest technology improvement in CCTV day and night vision capture. Starlight cameras are equipped with special starlight sensors to provide improved day and night vision capture in colour in low light conditions.  It does this by a special technology that slows down the cameras' electronic shutter, when lighting conditions become challenging, to capture more light in order for the cameras to continue recording in colour in darkness. That means "see things clearly the normal human eyes can't see" The starlight camera uses larger size sensors, wider aperture and reduces the shutter speed to collect enough light for human face and plate number identification in the darkness.


What's the Difference Between IR and Starlight Night Vision?

IR vs. starlight: Starlight night vision has better night vision than typical IR night vision cameras in terms of image clarity and quality, and provides colour night vision even in the low light conditions where other cameras have to turn their IR lights on and only show in black and white. This is because the starlight cameras could make the most out of natural light to produce superior images ever with advanced sensors. We can say that the starlight night vision is the clearer and more advanced version of IR night vision.

What is so Special about Starlight Cameras?

Starlight Security Cameras Have Better Clarity both for Day & Night vision recording.

Starlight cameras carry super sensitive sensor and specific lens to guarantee exceptional night vision with HD resolution. A 960P Starlight Camera has better video quality than the normal 1080p cameras in the market.

That means you will be able to see vehicle plate number and people's face clearly at day and at night when other cameras can’t.

#2. Starlight IP Cameras Can See Further

Compared with IR cameras which rely on the IR light reflection to produce images, the starlight cameras make use of the natural lights that come from other objects even in low light conditions therefore will see further, like the people across the street and a signboard in faraway buildings than mere illuminated short distance areas with IR or street light.


Where Should You choose a Starlight CCTV Cameras?

With the great improvement in night vision technology, the starlight security cameras can be used in any situation like in Cars, Lorries, Trucks, Homes, Office, Bars, Hotels, Night clubs, Parking lots, Warehouse and basically anywhere for great night and day surveillance.

Starlight cameras can also be used by the military and Wildlife capture and underwater.

They have more advantages in the open fields for far-reaching night vision, including back-yard, front yard, meeting halls, streets, airport, highways and tourist attractions.


Ideal for inside or outside of cars, buses, homes, office, farm, nature watching and basically anywhere. This camera is also ideal for Home and Office use. Power with AC adapter, Car battery or solar power battery. Power can be between 9V-12V.


Please use the AA battery by the camera's pictures above to determine the size of the camera.


All our mini Cameras come with 5 meter CCTV Video/Power cable.



Use for all vehicles like Cars, Buses, Trucks, Lorries. Also use at Home, Office, Business premises, Shops, Schools, Pubs, Restaurants, Building Sites, Warehouses, Vehicle, Boats, Marine Use, Sports, Wildlife, Nature watch, Farms, Stables, Kennels.


This camera is a Small high resolution AHD CCTV camera and comes with 720P resolution AHD Module. With three holes for hanging the camera for easy fitting and installation.

Comes with ready 5 Meters Aviation. Cables included in the Box. Just plug & play!


Technical Information



Model No.


Images sensors


Resolution(TV Line)


Effective pixels


Minimum illumination


IP rating

IP66 waterproof

lens Angle(Deg.)


TV System


Power Supply(DCV)


Power Consumption


Electronic shutter


S/N Ratio


Video output


White Balance




Operating Temp(Deg. C):

-10~+70(RH95% Max.)

Optional Function

Mirror image & Original image


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