iCustodian® 3G/4G CCTV MDVR CMS & GPS Hosting Service


iCustodian® UK Based Super-Fast CMS Server details


At iCustodian®, we offer a reliable CMS (Content Management System) hosting service for 3G/4G CCTV Mobile Digital Video Recorders (MDVR) and GPS devices. Our UK based high speed servers provide very fast and smooth video and GPS streaming for your systems.




Control, monitor and view live Videos, Audio and GPS locations on your vehicle fleet from any location in the world from your Desktop PC, Laptop and Mobile phone. Just log into our server from any location in the world and view live streaming of your data including live video, audio and GPS location anytime of the day or night. Our system can create a solution for business owners to be able to monitor all activities of every vehicle and driver, control what is going on and even communicate with every driver.


iCustodian® CCTV MDVR Packages

We are currently offering 2 types of CMS (Content Management System) hosting packages.

Custodian® CCTV MDVR CMS Hosting Services

£60 Annually

Custodian® iCustodian iTrack GPS Hosting Services

£50 Annually

iCustodian® CMS & GPS Server hosting features.

  • Instant access to real-time video from anywhere in the world.
  • Remotely view and collaboratively manage hundreds of vehicles or operations.
  • GPS recording, geofencing and playback with map overlay.
  • Search recordings by specific date, time or alarm condition.
  • Record, store and archive video feeds to hard drive, SD-card or centralized server.*


Why Host your Server with Us?

There are many reasons why you should consider hosting your CMS server with us. We are specialist in the market with many years of experience. Our high speed servers will provide smooth video, audio and GPS steaming to your client software at all times. Here are some of the advantages of hosting your server with us:

- Our Servers are amongst the fastest in the market

- We will setup your account for you so no hassle with setting up your own server

- You get a static IP address for smoother media streaming

- Server will be online 24 hours a day so you are always connected

- We maintain the server so always reliable

- We backup our server so in the event of server failure, we can get it back up very fast

- You will get customer Focused Support to help you if you encounter any problems

- Our price is competitive and we can proudly say that we are the cheapest in the market.

3G/4G CCTV & GPS Hosting Service

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